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Wyoming Permit Requirements

To earn a Wyoming learner’s permit with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, teens new to driving should understand the permitting procedure and steps to receiving a license.  Be sure to collect the necessary documentation before going to Driver’s Services to take the permit test.

New teen drivers in Wyoming should understand the rules of the Graduated Driver License program, which establishes several phases of driving privileges for new drivers.  By following these steps the teen driver will be on the way to a lifetime of safe driving.

Requirements for a Permit in Wyoming

To be eligible for a regular learner’s permit, teens in Wyoming must have reached age 15.  To receive a permit the applicant must visit a Wyoming driver license office with a parent and pass the vision and written permit test.  The permit is valid for one year and will allow the new driver to drive only with another licensed driver who is at least 18 years of age.

Wyoming also has a provision for a Restricted learner’s permit, or ‘hardship permit’ at age 14.  To qualify the youth must show a need such as living a long distance from school or work.

Required Documentation for a Permit in Wyoming

When applying for a permit, the new driver will be first asked to show the proper paperwork and other documentation.  These documents include 

  • a valid U.S. passport or state-certified birth certificate
  • proof of your Social Security Number (Social Security card, W-2 form, IRS tax form, etc.)
  • two (2) current forms of proof of Wyoming residency such as a current utility bill, current rental or lease agreement certified voter registration certificate or vehicle registration.  Since most teens will not have this paperwork in their name, they can use their accompanying parent’s documents to prove a Wyoming residential address.  The documentation must show an actual Wyoming residential address and not a P.O. box.

Passing the Wyoming Written Test

To receive a learner’s permit, the applicant must first pass a vision screening and the written knowledge test.  The written test consists of several types of multiple choice questions.  Applicants can expect to see questions concerning traffic laws, safety rules, crash prevention and vehicle equipment, as well as questions identifying road signs, signals and markings.  Applicants may only take the test twice in one day; those who fail twice must try again another day. 

Progressing to a Full Wyoming Driver License

Once the permit is earned, the driver may drive with any licensed driver over the age of 18.  At this point the driver can then begin working toward earning the required 50 hours of supervised practice time, with 10 of those hours occurring after dark.  Drivers may use the log to track their hours, but the hours must also be certified by a parent on the official affidavit.

With the practice hours completed, the driver can apply for an independent driving license, known in Wyoming as the “intermediate permit”, by passing the road skills test starting at age 16. With the intermediate permit, the teen may drive unsupervised only between 5 AM and 11 PM.  They are also restricted from carrying more than one passenger who is not in their immediate family. 

The driver can move up to a full license without restrictions if they have maintained a safe driving record upon turning 17.  An alternative is to complete an approved driver education program to earn a full license at 16 ½.   Wyoming has instituted the graduated licensing program to ensure that new drivers can learn the necessary skills for safe driving in a controlled and progressive manner.

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