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Wyoming Permit Study Guide

Taking the Wyoming DOT permit test does can be a simple process for those who are prepared.  Reading this study guide, and taking the permit practice test to help make the process easy.

A surprising number of applicants fail the permit test on their first try.  This is easily avoidable by coming prepared by studying in advance.  Studying starts with reading Rules of the Road: The State of Wyoming Driver License Manual. This handbook, which is 52 pages long is available online.  With careful study, you can avoid the stress of needing to take the test multiple times.

For starters, you should know that the Wyoming permit test is taken on a computer at the DOT office.  It is 25 questions long and you need to answer at least 19 questions in order to pass.  The multiple choice questions cover everything from Wyoming traffic laws and regulations to strategies on safe driving and avoiding collisions.  A significant part of the test will ask about road signs and markings. 

While most applicants will want to read the entire manual, there are a few sections that you might want to pay special attention to as you study.  The test mainly revolves around traffic regulations and approaches to safe driving.  As a result most of the administrative details at the beginning of the manual will not appear on the test. 

Here are the sections to concentrate on while studying for the permit test.

  • While administrative details are not the emphasis of the permit test, it is a good idea to have an understanding of how the permitting process works.  Remember that the written test is a test to receive a learner’s permit, so know the regulations for getting a permit found on pages 7-11.
  • Expect questions on the permit test about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving, as well as the consequences drivers can face if caught driving under the influence.  This section can be found on pages 36-41.
  • The special section on driving in icy conditions found on pages 42-44 contains crucial information for safe driving on Wyoming’s slippery winter roads.
  • The section on speed starting on page 46 is important for the test.  Drivers should know the speed limit standards for various roads, and also how to adjust their speed for various driving conditions.
  • Though not really part of speed considerations so much, you should carefully read the other parts of that section which cover the details of right-of-way (p. 47), stopping (p. 51), changing lanes and turning (p. 53).  For example, using roundabouts and other intersections is not always straightforward or obvious.  Make sure you clearly understand these concepts before taking the test.  You should also know the laws in Wyoming concerning passing starting on page 56, and parking starting on page 60.
  • A good portion of the permit test will assess your ability to recognize road signs, signals and pavement markings.  You should be able to identify the meaning of all signs by their shape and color.  Start by reviewing these general rules for signs and road markings starting on page 65.  You should also spend time studying the traffic signal information on page 97, and all the signs shown on the back cover of the manual.
  • The section on sharing the road begins on page 71, and discusses how to handle other traffic such as trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians. 
  • More generally, the concepts described on pages 75-79 offer excellent defensive driving tips such as how to scan ahead, communicate with other drivers, determine a safe following distance and generally reduce your risks while driving.  Not only will this information likely show up on the test, these concepts are important for all drivers to understand.
  • Finally the tips described on pages 79-92 will help you navigate a variety of common driving situations, weather conditions and emergencies.  Thinking about these scenarios in advance will help you be ready for them when they arise.

When you feel like you have fully studied the Wyoming permit handbook, you can test your knowledge by taking the Wyoming online permit practice test.  In addition to giving you practice with the content of the driver manual, the practice test will help give you a feel for how the questions will be worded on the actual written test. Then you will be fully prepared when you go to take the permit test.

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Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Wyoming drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!