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Oregon Permit Study Guide

Taking the knowledge test to receive a learners permit in Oregon can be made simple.  Use this study guide, and take the Oregon permit practice test to help you get ready for your trip to the DMV.

Before you start driving In Oregon, you need to take the written permit test in order to receive an instructional permit.  With the Oregon Drivers Manual, you have all the information you need to better prepare yourself for that test.  Be prepared to be tested on any information that is included in the driver's manual. Questions can range from state driving regulations and traffic signs to defensive and safe driving practices. You must also learn the rules on sharing the road with others, including pedestrians.

Oregon Written Permit Test

Oregon is one of many states that now uses computers in lieu of traditional paper tests. The state requires a passing score of 80 percent on the test. If you answer the proper number of questions correctly, the computer will shut off when you reach this score. You'll find that the test comes with 35 multiple choice questions, half of which relate to laws and regulations and half of which relate to road markings and signs. You must choose the right answer from the four listed after each question. If you answer four questions incorrectly, the computer will shut off and list you as failing the test. You can retake the Oregon permit test the following day.

Reading the Manual

When you take the permit test, you'll notice that the questions come directly from the Oregon Driver Manual.  You should first pay attention to the rules and restrictions for the Instructional Permit listed on pages 2, and the Provisional License on pages 3-4 through 8 of the manual. Provisional licenses are available to those under the age of 18 and come with different rules, including when you can operate a vehicle and who you can transport in your car.  Otherwise, Section 1 is primarily administrative in nature, and won’t be found on the permit test.

Though it's important to read all the information in the Manual, you should focus on Section 2, which starts on page 15. The section shows you what different colored signs on the road mean, what you should do when you see specific symbols or signs and how various signs can impact the speed at which you drive. Pages 18 and 19, which cover warning signs, are especially important.

New drivers should pay heed to the traffic signals section, which starts on page 24. Even if you already know what traffic lights mean, you might not know what to do when you see flashing lights or arrows. If you need help understanding the markings that appear on the pavement, read pages 26 through 30 for more information.

Make sure that you also read Section 3, which covers the specific rules of the road in Oregon. You'll likely come across a number of questions on your test from that section.  Sections 4 and 5 give important tips on safe driving strategies for specific situations, which may also be covered on the test.  Finally, pay special attention to the sections on your responsibilities as a driver and rules about driving under the influence found in Section 6.

Taking a Oregon permit practice test will help you familiarize yourself with how the test questions are written, as well as getting an idea of the content of the questions.

Driving in Oregon is a privilege, not a right, and you will need to prove that you understand the basic principles of safe driving in order to receive your license.  Passing the knowledge-based test ensures that you have what it takes to be a responsible driver.

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Oregon Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Oregon drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!