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New York Permit Requirements

When applying for your New York driver permit with Department of Motor Vehicles, it is helpful to know the permit requirements.  Make sure you have the met the DMV requirements and that you have the right documents ready.

New York has specific rules regarding learner permits.  Knowing the rules about how to obtain and hold your learner permit will allow you to avoid delays and hassles during the process.

First of all, in New York you are required to be at least 16 years old before you may apply for your permit.  If you are under 18, you will also need your parent’s permission signed on the Driver License Application, form MV-44.  However if you are at least 17 you only need proof of a completed driver education course with form MV-285 from an approved driving school.

When you go to the DMV to get your permit there are a number of paperwork conditions that you will need to meet.  First you will need to satisfy the birth and identification requirements.  To accomplish this bring an original copy of your birth certificate.  In addition you will also need to earn 6 points on the state document list.   You can meet this requirement by presenting your Social Security card and high school ID with a report card, a health insurance card and a bank statement. If you lack the required ID documentation you can get a parent’s signature on form MV-45, but it must be signed by your parent or guardian in person at the DMV.  With additional documentation you can also earn an enhanced driver license, which can substitute for a passport in certain situations.

Once at the DMV office you will take a vision test.  This can be substituted with a vision test conducted by an eye care professional and documented on form MV-619.  You will also pay the fee which ranges between $76.75 and $102.50 depending on your age.  This covers all DMV fees associated with receiving your driver permit and first license.  Finally you will need to take the written permit test.   However the written test is waved if you have form MV-285 showing that you took the written test in an approved driver education class.

Driving with a permit must be done licensed supervising driver 21 or older, and you may not drive in certain places such as NYC parks, major NYC tunnels and bridges or parkways in Westchester County.  You may also have only 1 non-family passenger in the car while you are driving.  There are differing permit rules for various parts of the state.  For example in upstate New York your supervising driver must be a parent after 9 PM.  In the five New York boroughs you may only drive between 5 AM - 9 PM, with a parent or instructor, and the car must have dual brakes installed.  And on Long Island you may drive only with a parent and not after 9 PM.

Once you obtain your permit you must hold it for at least 6 months before you are eligible for an actual driver license.  In order to receive your license you will also need to complete 50 hours of supervised practice driving, with at least 15 of those hours at night, and documented on form MV-262. 

This junior driver license is subject to restrictions until you turn 18, or turn 17 and complete a driver education program.

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