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New York Permit Study Guide

Taking the DMV permit test in New York can be intimidating.  Using this study guide and taking the permit practice test will help to ease the process.

When preparing for the New York permit test, it is important to first thoroughly read and study the New York DMV Driver’s Manual. All of the questions on the permit test come directly from the manual. 

Most of the test material comes from Part Two – Rules of the Road, and Part Three – Safe Driving Tips.  Parts Two and Three are concerned with actual driving knowledge and form the bulk of the manual.   This is where you should focus your studying. 

However be sure to also be familiar with Part One which focuses on licenses and vehicle ownership.  Pay special attention to any section that discusses permits or new drivers.  For example the permit test may include questions from the sections on driver education, learner permit and junior license restrictions in chapter 1.  Likewise, questions from the sections on special rules and probation periods for new drivers in chapter 2 on pages 21-22 may also show up on the permit test.

Finally it is important to understand that within the 20 question permit test at least four of the questions will be concerned with traffic signals and signs, of which you need to get at least two correct to pass.  These questions may show you a picture of a sign, or they may require you to know the shapes and colors of certain signs and what they mean.  For these questions be sure to study chapter 4 and the back cover of the New York drivers manual with signs and descriptions. 

Also you can take the New York online permit practice test.   Practicing with these questions will help you familiarize yourself with both the content and the format of the actual written test.

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New York Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the New York drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!