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Maine Permit Study Guide

Taking the BMV permit test in Maine  does not have to be intimidating.  Use this study guide, and take the permit practice test to help make the process easy.

As with many states, Maine operates a Graduated Driver's License program. If you are at least 15 years old, then you can apply for a learner's permit. You must go to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office with proof of your identity and age, as well as permission from your parent or guardian. You must pass both a vision test and a written test that quizzes your knowledge of driving. The best way to prepare yourself for the test is by studying the Maine Motorist Handbook and Study Guide. This manual has been developed by the BMV to educate people about traffic laws in Maine and safe driving practices.

How is the Test Structured?

The written test covers the rules of driving, traffic laws, handling a vehicle safe driving strategies and road signs.   There are 25 questions on the test. You will be asked questions based on the official state manual. These questions are all multiple choice, and you must answer at least 20, or 80% of the questions correctly in order to pass.

What Should I Focus on as I Study?

While new drivers should read the entire driver's manual, there are some areas on which you should focus before you take your written test.  Important sections include:

  • Applicants should know the permit and licensing information on pages 1-3.
  • There will be questions on the written test on Alcohol and Other Drugs (pages 17-26)
  • All of Part IV contains important information as to principles of safe driving.
  • Pay special attention the road signs and signals throughout the manual, starting on pages 30-32.
  • Part V Handling Emergencies provides useful strategies for how to handle a variety of driving situations that may be tested.
  • The practice questions on pages 29, 69 and 86 are valuable for learning the content of the written test.

Test takers can also benefit from trying the Maine online permit practice test.  It will give you an idea of how the test questions are structured, and allow you to practice answering the questions.

What Happens Next?

If you fail the test, then you can re-take it the next day.  Once you pass the test, you will be granted your learner's permit. This will allow you to drive in the presence of a licensed adult so that you can gain practical experience.

Remember that driving in Maine is a privilege and not a right. By passing the written test and completing a driver's education course, you are proving that you are responsible enough to be trusted with a vehicle. The knowledge you gain from studying the Maine driver's manual should make you a better, safer and more conscientious driver.

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Maine Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Maine drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!