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Washington Permit Study Guide

Taking the DOL permit test in Washington State can be made easy.  Using this study guide, and taking the permit practice test will help you ace the test.

The state of Washington requires you to pass a written knowledge examination before you receive your permit.  In order to pass this test successfully, there are things you can do to learn the information you will need to know.  The most important step in this process involves reading the official Washington Driver Guide.  You can also get a hard copy of this guide at your local Department of Licensing office, from your driving instructor or from the Department of Licensing website. 

The written knowledge portion of the permit test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. Each question will have four or five answers for you to choose from. In order to earn a passing grade on the test, you must answer at least 20 of these questions correctly. Each question focuses on the various road signs and road rules that you can find in the Washington Driver Guide. If you fail the test, you are allowed to retake it after a four-hour wait. Subsequent re-testing requires a 24-hour wait between tests

What to Study

Most questions on the written portion of the Washington driver’s permit test will be based on information found in the Rules of the Road section of the Washington Driver Guide. This section begins on page 23 of the guide.

You will also need to be familiar with road signs. You will find an illustration of various road signs on the inside of the guide’s back cover and more information on pages 24-30.

The permit test will also ask questions about material presented in the Safe Driving Tests section starting on page 47.

Pay special attention to the material related to drinking and driving starting on page 88

A few questions from the Emergencies section, starting on page 95 can also be expected on the test.

While these sections are important for passing the knowledge test, you should thoroughly read all sections of the driver guide, so that you will know all of the laws and regulations that Washington drivers are expected to follow.

Teen driving

The state of Washington has several rules and regulations regarding teenage drivers. To learn about teen driving restrictions, read the information about teen licensing and driving on pages 2-6 of the Washington Driver Guide. More information for teen drivers can be found on the Washington Department of Licensing website.  In order to avoid failing the test, try the sample Washington permit practice test.  It will help you familiarize yourself with the test content and format.

Teen Learners Permit

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Washington Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Washington drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!