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Utah Permit Study Guide

Taking the Utah DPS permit test does not have to be intimidating.  Using this study guide, and taking the permit practice test will help make the process easy.

Preparing for the written permit exam is an important process.  After all nobody wants to have to take the test more than once.  Studying Utah’s 2014 Driver’s Manual can make you much more confident about passing it.

In order to receive your permit, you must first past a written exam. The exam consists of 50 questions, most of which are multiple-choice. There are also true or false questions. You must answer 80 percent of these questions correctly in order to pass. The questions on the test will involve subjects including road sign identification and traffic laws.

The fee for taking the written test in Utah is $15. This fee will cover up to three attempts. If you need to try more than three times, you must pay the fee again.

What to Study

While every chapter in driver’s manual contains valuable information, some sections require particular attention.

Several sections of the manual contain information specific to teen drivers that you should know for the permit test.  Page 2 discusses the ins and outs of obtaining a learner's permit.  Pages 5- 6, meanwhile, includes information on Driver Education and parental permission.

One of the most important chapters to study is Chapter 3: Rules of the Road. This chapter addresses the nuts and bolts of Utah traffic laws.  For example, page 12 contains useful information about speed, signaling, backing and proper use of lanes. Page 15 covers the subject of passing.  Page 16, meanwhile, discusses Right-of-Way. Page 18 covers the sometimes daunting subject of parking, while page 19 tells drivers how to handle highway work zones.

Chapter 4: Traffic Signs, Signals and Road Markings is another chapter that is crucial to study. Pages 21 to 24 are particularly important as they identify the different signs, signals and markings that applicants will need to know.

Chapter 5: Basic Driving Skills is another essential chapter. It covers a variety of driving situations such as freeway driving and Utah’s new continuous flow intersections.  Also read carefully the sections on how to share the road with trains, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

New drivers should also fully understand the details and consequences of driving while impaired, discussed on pages 51 and 55.

One factor to remember when studying for the written test is that in addition to road signs, the test is mainly concerned with Utah traffic laws and safe driving practices.  Therefore, sections that contain mostly administrative information, such as most of chapters 1 and 2, and chapters 9 and 10 will not be as important to spend your time on.

One of the most helpful tools for test takers is the Utah online permit practice test.  You can practice with these questions after reading through the manual to see if you are ready to take the real test. If you struggle, it is a good idea to re-read the Utahs Drivers Manual.

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Utah Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Utah drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!