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Ohio Permit Study Guide

Preparing for the BMV permit test in Ohio is essential to success.  This study guide, and the permit practice test will help make the process easy.

Statistics show that many teens fail their permit test on the first try.  This is mostly avoidable by adequately studying ahead of time.  The written knowledge test to receive a permit in Ohio is fairly straightforward for those that are prepared.  The best resource to study is the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws. All of the questions on the test are taken from information found in this manual.

Applicants for a permit in Ohio must actually pass two written tests that assess their knowledge of traffic laws and road signs.  The Motor Vehicle Regulations test will assess your knowledge of the range of driving laws and regulations in Ohio.  The Traffic Signs test covers your understanding of the meaning of various road signs and signals.  Each test contains 20 multiple choice questions and applicants must correctly answer 15 questions on each test to pass.

While it is probably a good idea to read the entire manual, there are certain sections that are more important than other to focus your studying.  The Ohio driver knowledge test mainly addresses topics that deal with driving laws and actual driving situations.  As a result, sections such as those that deal with topics like auto registration or commercial drivers licenses are not relevant for the permit test.

The following sections of the Digest are the most important to study carefully.

  • Since this is a permit test, new drivers should be aware of all the rules and details of the permit for which they are applying.  This information can be found on pages 4-5 of the manual.
  • Section 6 Traffic Laws, contains the nuts and bolts of Ohio driving laws and regulations.  This section is crucial to know for the knowledge test.
  • Half of the permit test covers road signs and signals.  Therefore Section 7 Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings is very important to study.  Applicants should be able to recognize road signs by their shape and color, as well as what each sign means.
  • Since safe driving involves so much more than just steering a vehicle down the road, drivers should understand what to do in various driving situations that can arise.  Section 9 Special Conditions outlines important strategies for driving in various situations such as freeways, inclement weather and sharing the road with other vehicles.

By studying these sections thoroughly, applicants for a permit will improve their chances of passing the knowledge exam without delay.  Another useful study tool can found in the Ohio permit practice test.  The practice test is designed to give test takers a feeling for the structure and format of the test, in addition to the content of the Ohio permit test.  When it comes to passing the permit test, practice makes perfect!

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Ohio Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Ohio drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!