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North Dakota Permit Requirements

Teen drivers should understand the requirements when applying for their North Dakota driving permit with the North Dakota Department of Transportation.  Make sure you have the met the DOT requirements and that you have assembled the necessary documents.

Getting behind the wheel as a new driver in North Dakota means that you'll have to first apply for a learners permit. There are a several requirements you will need to fulfill in order to receive this instruction permit and start learning how to drive.

North Dakota Age Requirements and Other Prerequisites for your Permit

If you're at least age 14, you can apply for an instruction permit in North Dakota. Drivers under the age of 18, require written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

You can actually drive at the age of 14 without a permit or a license only if you are accompanied by a certified driving instructor and are using a designated driver's education vehicle. This can be a good way to gain practical driving knowledge that will help you as you take the first steps towards driving on your own a couple years later.

North Dakota Permit Required Documents

When applying for an instruction permit, you will need to bring the following documents with you:

  • Proof of your age and identity, such as your original birth certificate or US passport
  • Social Security card
  • Money to pay the $15.00 permit fee, plus $5 for the written test.
  • Permission from your parent or guardian, who must be present at the time of your application

You will also need to take a vision test when you make your application.

Passing the North Dakota Written Test

In order to earn your permit, you must pass a written test, which is designed to assess your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs and basic driving principles. The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions, and you must get at least 20 right in order to pass. If you do not pass, you can re-take the test the next day. There is a fee of $5.00 each time you take the written test.

North Dakota Permit Rules and Regulations

After you have earned your permit, you will be allowed to drive in North Dakota under certain conditions. You must carry your permit with you when you drive, and a licensed driver who is 18 or older and who has held a valid license for at least three years must be in the front seat with you.

The Next Step for your North Dakota Driving Permit

You will need to hold your permit for at least 12 months or until you turn 16, whichever comes first. No matter what, you will need to have held the permit for at least six months in order to be eligible for a license.  Drivers under the age of 16 also need to complete and log 50 hours of supervised practice driving time, which must be confirmed by your parent or legal guardian.

New drivers may earn a restricted operator’s license starting at the age of 15 by meeting certain qualifications.  They must have held the permit for at least one year.  They must pass an approved driver education course.  They must complete the required 50 hours of practice driving, and pass the road test. 

With the restricted license, you are only allowed to drive a vehicle belonging to your parents between 5 AM and 9 PM.  You may also not use a cell phone or any electronic devices while driving.  Accumulation of too many points on the driving record, or conviction of a drug or alcohol related offense will result in cancellation of the restricted license, and the individual must begin the permit process over again, including all testing and driver education.

At 16, you can apply for an unrestricted Class D license.  Driving in North Dakota is a privilege, not a right.  Earning your permit means that you accept the responsibility of driving safely at all times and following all state regulations.

Teen Learners Permit

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