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Missouri Permit Study Guide

Taking the permit test in Missouri does not have to be daunting.  Using this study guide, and taking the Missouri permit practice test will help make the process easy.

If you are getting ready to take the driver's permit examination in the state of Missouri, it is very important to spend time studying the state driver's handbook. The Missouri Driver Guide will contain all the information you need to pass the written test.

The written test in Missouri consists of 25 multiple choice questions covering the traffic laws and regulations, as well as driving methods and what to do in certain situations. There are four possible answers to every question, and you must get at least 80 percent of the questions right on the written test to pass, or 20 correct answers.

Because the written test is mainly based on traffic laws and actual driving situations, you can skip over any section of the manual that deals with administrative information.  It is best to study these sections of the Missouri driver guide before taking the permit test:

  • Chapter 4 - Rules of the Road (page 43)
  • Chapter 6 – Highway Driving (page 52)
  • Chapter 7 - Sharing the Road (page 57)
  • Chapter 8 - Safe Driving Tips for Everyday Driving (page 65)
  • Chapter 9 - Safe Driving Tips for Special Driving Conditions (page 71)
  • Chapter 10 - Be in Shape to Drive (page 76)  Expect questions on the test concerning alcohol and driving.

Teen drivers should also be aware of the different levels of driver permits and licenses with Missouri's graduated driver license law, as well as the restrictions for each.  You can find the details on pages 20-22 in the first chapter of the Missouri drivers handbook.

After you pass the written test, you must also pass a road sign test. The road sign test requires you to identify several basic road signs by shape and color without multiple answers to choose from.  A road sign recognition study sheet can be found here.  

It is always beneficial to look at sample test questions to help familiarize yourself with the format and content of the test. You can practice by actually covering the answer choices while reading each question. Then you can try to answer the question in your own words before looking at the alternatives provided.  This will help you pick the correct answer choice, rather than be led astray by distracting answer choices. Sample test questions are found in the manual starting on page 102.  Or take an Missouri online permit practice test.

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Missouri Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Missouri drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!