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Kentucky Permit Study Guide

Taking the learners permit knowledge test in Kentucky does not have to be intimidating.  Using this study guide, and taking the permit practice test will help make the process easy.

When applying for a learner's permit in Kentucky, you'll need to take and pass the written permit test.  The Kentucky Driver Manual provides a complete overview of the information that the test covers.  Take time study to ensure that you pass the test on the first try.

The Basics of the Knowledge Test

The Kentucky knowledge test requires a passing grade of 80 percent.  As the test is 20 questions long, you can miss four questions and still pass the test. The test uses a multiple question format with four possible answers.  Make sure that you read the questions carefully as some answers can be fairly similar. The Kentucky test includes 10 questions about driving regulations and laws, and 10 questions about road signs and road markings.

Studying with the Manual

The driver manual covers a large amount of information, but some sections may be more important to study than others.  When you sit down with the Kentucky Driver Manual, read page 1 carefully. This page gives you information on the graduated license program in the state, which restricts your driving until you have more experience behind the wheel. You should understand what you can and cannot do when you have your permit, what you need to do when you apply for an intermediate license and when you can receive a full Kentucky license.

One of the more important sections in the manual is the Rules of the Road section, which begins on page 8. The manual's pictures show you different lights and signs that you might see on the road with a description of what you need to do when you encounter those signs. The section on right-of-way laws begins on page 9, and this section examines when you can turn and when you should let others turn.

When reading the Manual, pay special attention to all the illustrations of road signs, such as those found on pages 14 and 20.  You should be able to identify signs by their shape and color, so spend extra time on pages 53-58.

Pages 13-27 do not address specific traffic laws so much as describing strategies for how to handle a variety of driving situations.  These may be quizzed on the test so be sure to read these sections.

Make sure that you study page 28-35 as well. They describe what to do during different emergency situations, including when an animal runs in front of your car or when your car breaks down. These pages cover some of the more popular questions asked on the test.

Finally, the test usually has at least one question concerning driving while impaired.  Thus you should be familiar with the information about drinking and driving in the Keeping in Shape section on pages 45-49. 

It is also a good idea to take a practice test to help you understand what kinds of questions will be asked on the knowledge test.

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Kentucky Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Kentucky drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!