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Idaho Permit Requirements

It is important to know the permit requirements before applying for a Idaho driver permit with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles.  Make sure you have the met the DMV requirements and that you have the necessary documents ready.

Getting a learner permit to begin to drive can be a major milestone in the life of a young driver.  When you are preparing to get your Idaho learner permit, it is important to understand what is required for each step of the process. Read on to learn how to become a licensed Idaho driver.

Drivers must be at least 15 years of age to apply for a Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP), which is only valid for driving with a training instructor, through a certified driver training program.  After successfully completing the driver training course, the driver will then be issued a class D Instruction Permit.  With this, they can begin working on the required practice hours.   After maintaining the permit for a specified time period and passing a written test and skills test, they can then apply for a full driver's license.

Required Documents and Testing for a Permit in Idaho

When you are ready to apply for your SIP, you will need to bring a parent who is listed on your birth certificate with you to the DMV so that they can sign the application attesting that they are taking responsibility for your safe driving until the age of 18.  It is also important to bring the right documentation or you will not be able to get your permit.  The following documents are necessary to receive a driver’s permit in the state of Idaho:

  • Proof of age identity – in the form of an original birth certificate or valid US passport and a high school ID card with photo
  • Social security card – must be an original and not laminated or photocopied
  • proof of Idaho residency -  in form of official mail at your address, or a high school transcript or report card
  • proof of school enrollment if under age 18 – You can get a Verification of Compliance letter (VOC) from your school, or use a diploma or GED certificate

Getting all of your paperwork and documents organized before you go to the DMV will make the licensing process go more smoothly.

Applicants for a permit must also pass a written knowledge test.  There are 40 multiple choice questions on the written exam, and test takers must get at least 34 questions correct to pass the test. The test questions come from the Idaho driver's handbook, and include questions regarding road signs, rules of the road and traffic signals.

Upon obtaining the instruction permit, drivers must carry the instruction permit while driving and be accompanied at all times while driving by a licensed driver over the age of 21 who is riding in the front seat.  Make sure that all passengers in the vehicle are wearing seat belts at all times. 

Applying for an Idaho Driver's License

Instruction permit holders must complete several requirements before they can apply for a full driver's license.   The instruction period lasts for a minimum of six months. During these six months, drivers who hold a learner permit must not receive any violations, or the six month period will start over.

First, students under age 17 must complete and pass a driver's training program before they receive their driver's licenses.  In addition the driver is required to accumulate at least 50 hours of supervised experience behind the wheel, with at least 10 hours at night.  Finally the driver must refrain from using alcohol and other banned substances.

Once a driver has completed at least six months of supervised instruction and met all of the previous qualifications, he or she can apply for a driver's license. The license process requires the successful completion of several tests: a written exam, a vision exam and a skills (driving) test.

For the first six months the licensed driver is only allowed to carry one non-family passenger who is under the age of 17.

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