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Alabama Permit Study Guide

Taking the DPS permit test in Alabama does not have to be intimidating.  By using this study guide, and taking the practice test, the process will be easy.

The state of Alabama gives young drivers the chance to operate a motor vehicle after passing a learner's permit test. The Alabama Department of Transportation publishes the Alabama Driver Manual to help drivers learn more about traffic laws and safe driving in the state. Studying this manual can help you when it comes time to take the written test.

Alabama Written Test

The written test that you must take before receiving your driver's license consists of 20 questions. Each of these multiple choice questions comes with four possible answer choices.  A passing score on the test is 70 percent, which is 14 correct answers. This test typically features 10 questions on the general knowledge found in the manual and 10 questions on operating a vehicle.

What to Study

The Alabama Driver Manual covers nearly 90 pages of information.  Though you should look over the entire manual, you can save some time if you focus on the more important pages and chapters in the book. You can generally skip the first two chapters, which are primarily administrative in content, such as rules associated with applying for a permit or license.  Instead you should spend most of your study time on material that deals with actual traffic laws and safe driving strategies.

  • Chapter 3 addresses guidelines for basic driving.  For example, pages 23-24 offer some helpful images that show you how to turn your vehicle on the road, and how to make a three-point turn. You'll also want to look at pages 28-29 for rules regarding parking. When you take your skills test for your license, you'll need to parallel park.
  • Chapter 4 is also helpful for new drivers. This chapter covers information regarding drinking and driving, which will likely appear on the permit test.
  • You will want to read chapter 5 closely since the written test has 10 questions on road signs and similar topics. Pages 42-52 showcase full-color images of different road signs and tell you what those signs mean. Pages 52-55 are also important as those pages delve into what different markings on the road mean.
  • Chapter 6 may be the most important section to study for the permit test, as it covers the details of Alabama traffic laws.
  • Spend some time learning the strategies from chapters 7 and 8.  Knowing how to handle the situations described will be helpful for the test, and also make you a better driver.

Studying these pages can help you better prepare for the Alabama learner's permit test.  You should also take a permit practice test.  The practice test will help you learn what subjects will be found on the test, as well as become familiar with the structure and format of the test questions.

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Alabama Driver Handbooks & Manuals

Before you take a practice test make sure you've reviewed the Alabama drivers handbook. You will be tested on this content!