Ohio BMV Teen Permit FAQs

Learning how to drive is a momentous occasion in the life of every young person, symbolizing such aspects of their impending adulthood as independence, freedom and personal responsibility. Teenaged drivers-to-be in the state of Ohio are legally entitled to seek their permit as soon as they reach fifteen years and six months of age. The process of acquiring a learner’s permit is quite simple: you are required to fill out an application, submit the necessary paperwork and ID, pass a vision test, and complete a written examination. While you may have heard various things about the written test regarding its length, difficulty and how it’s administered, chances are what you know is actually more rumor than fact. It’s well known that the various tests and standards for obtaining a learner’s permit have changed, often dramatically, throughout the years. The aim of this article is to provide a brief rundown on the most current standards for the Ohio learner’s permit written test, while at the same time answering some common questions students may have about it.